Happy employees are more successful. And so are their companies!

Beyond Leadership is a leadership approach that supports you and your company in coping with the challenges of New Work and in establishing a culture of value creation and appreciation. It is based on lessons from positive psychology, business administration, behavioural economics, sports science, neuroscience and mindfulness.

My training, workshops and lectures are designed according to your specific needs and are focussed on practical behavioural changes – on a personal, team and organisational level.

Two fundamental trends are currently influencing the world of work: digitalisation and demographic change. The fact is that as a result, companies need to rethink the way they work and the way they manage their businesses. Trust, empathy, psychological safety, belonging, meaning, self-management and courage are among the key elements of leadership in the new world of work. Companies that manage to transform their leadership and thus their corporate culture are more successful than others and can escape the acceleration trap.

Leadership in the new world of work requires not only design competence but above all adaptation competence. Today’s leaders must be able to involve many different stakeholders in a solution process and to lead different types of people, some of whom have completely different opinions, views and attitudes than themselves. They have to be able to deal with uncertainties and live with the reality that solutions are constantly changing. This calls into question the identity that many managers have built up, namely the identity as an expert, doer and problem solver who is in control.

It is also important to create an environment that allows employees to work in the best way possible with intrinsic motivation. Because only when employees feel comfortable, secure and valued, with the space to develop personally and professionally, are they prepared for permanent change and lifelong learning – both of which are nonetheless indispensable for the long-term success of a company.

A manager must therefore become more agile and approach problems differently – in a more open, participative and reflective way. They should have a "growth mindset" themselves, promote this among their employees and see themselves as coaches and enablers. The leader's task is to enable employees to take responsibility for their own actions and to set a clear vision as an example. It is crucial for a manager to remain centred and to be able to draw new energy. The best way to do this is through self-reflection, mindfulness and the development of their own personality.

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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

- Maya Angelou