What really frightens and dismays us is not external events themselves, but the way in which we think about them.

As an experienced coach with a broad, solution-oriented spectrum of methods, I support executives and leaders in coping with professional challenges, in their personal and professional development, and in strengthening their own resources.

In the course of their lives and careers, most people experience phases filled with great challenges, difficult decisions or personal strain. At such moments it is valuable to have a coach who supports you in reflecting on your own behaviour, personal patterns and ways of thinking, in taking on new perspectives, in gaining clarity in decisions and maintaining composure in changes - just like top athletes have been doing for a long time.

My background in business administration and my many years of experience as a manager in the private sector enable me to be a partner at eye level for a wide range of challenges and to understand the areas of tension in which you operate. My extensive range of coaching and personal development tools, as well as my structured and systemic approach, ensure that together we develop solutions and ideas that are sustainable and that suit your requirements.

Effective coaching for:

  • Leaders: Targeted strengthening of your leadership competence. Reflection on your own leadership behaviour; support in a new or even more demanding leadership task; sustainable increase of your efficiency as a leader. So that a positive leadership culture leads to employee commitment and ensures the success of the company.

  • Executives: Broader perspective and clarity. As a sparring partner, I support you in developing solution-oriented and pragmatic ideas on how to remain capable of action and successful in the permanent field of tension between market changes, different expectations, power constellations, political circumstances and much more.

  • Career management: Gain clarity about professional development. Deals with questions like: In which direction do you want to go professionally? What are the next steps? What do career and success mean to you? How can you best develop your potential? What is your vocation and what motivates you?

  • Self-management: Only those who are able to manage themselves can manage others. The more clarity you have about who you are, what you are able to  do and what you are there for, the stronger and more authentic your presence will be.

  • Energy management & resilience: If you want to work efficiently and get maximum performance, you need to feel good physically and mentally. To achieve this, we analyse and optimise numerous factors that influence your energy level as well as your mental and physical resistance, such as stress, sport, sleep, nutrition, relaxation, attentiveness, etc.

  • Personal issues: As individual as you are! For example, gaining clarity about personal goals, increasing your inner satisfaction or developing more self-confidence.

Do you want to develop your full potential, achieve sustainable top performance or make a greater impact in the company as a manager and executive?

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The great goal of life is to be who we are and to become what we are capable of.

– Jörg Löhr